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Do you want to know how to invest in cryptocurrency? Here is my advice and tips for investing in the crypto gold rush!Would you like to know how to invest in cryptocurrency but haven’t done so yet? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the amazing investment opportunities in cryptocurrency. It has been said, and I believe, that the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the second most important invention of our lifetime, coming in behind the Internet. Think of cryptocurrency as the money of the future. Indeed, there are amazing investment opportunities for making money in crypto, but over 90% of the population still has not owned or used cryptocurrency. This is rapidly changing!

“blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the second most important invention of our lifetime”

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. The information presented is based strictly on my own beliefs and experience. Cryptocurrency markets are new and evolving technology, thus you are advised to do your own due diligence. I recommend you never invest money you are not willing to lose due to the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. If in doubt, please contact your financial advisor.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the leading cryptocurrency in the worldFor the purpose of our discussion, I’m going to limit the conversation to Bitcoin (BTC), however, be aware that many other cryptocurrencies exist. Collectively, these are known as altcoins due to the fact that Bitcoin presently occupies over 60% of the cryptocurrency market cap. Arguably, the other major players in the crypto world are Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Other altcoins are poised to serve niche markets such as Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and Cardano (ADA). There are thousands of other altcoins. Most will never gain traction and will fizzle out. Many are scams attempting to cash in on the current crypto gold rush. Check out my resource guide for handy links to the major cryptocurrencies of the world.

There has been a “gold rush” to cryptocurrency. The news is everywhere. Early movers are seeing returns never before heard of. At the time of this article, Bitcoin (BTC) has gained over 2000% in 2017! Yes – over 2000%. In other words, if you had invested $1000 in December 2016 you would have $20,000+ in December 2017. Traditional investors would salivate at the idea of earning just 20% in one year for a net gain to $1200.

“Bitcoin (BTC) has gained over 2000% in 2017!”

Let’s discuss my reasoning for just a moment. I’ve never, in my lifetime, seen an opportunity with such a potential upside. Let’s say I invest $10,000. Your risk tolerance may be lower or higher than mine. That’s fine. But let’s assume I make my investment and cryptocurrency goes belly up. First, there are many reasons I believe that is virtually impossible. It has to do with blockchain technology at its core. But let’s assume I lost it all. I’ll get over it. It will sting, but I’ll get on with life. Now, let’s take a look at the upside. Bitcoin has increased in value 2000% just in 2017 and the mainstream investors aren’t even in the game yet! If cryptocurrency keeps pace and possibly accelerates, my initial investment becomes $200,000 or more, in just a few years.

We’re still in the first or second inning of the cryptocurrency game! The cryptocurrency infrastructure is still being developed. Herein lies part of the problem and an incredible opportunity – the likes of which we’ve never seen before!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Great question! Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that operates as a medium of exchange using digital cryptography to secure transactions, to control the creation of additional cryptocurrency units and to verify transfer of assets. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, established in 2009. Since then, numerous altcoins have been created. Cryptocurrency really isn’t all that different from government issued currency in that it is a measure of stored wealth. The beauty of cryptocurrency is that it is anonymous, decentralized and highly resistant to government seizure.

What is Bitcoin? (Video) 

Investing in Cryptocurrency

I started out wide-eyed and full of excitement, trying to buy the valleys and sell the peaks. My Bitcoin investment strategy has changed quite a bit over time. Fortunately, the overall upward trend of Bitcoin has been more than forgiving of my early mistakes. These days I’m more of a steady hand in my investment strategy. Grab a cup of coffee while I explain the strategy that seems to work best for me. Read more >> Invest in Bitcoin

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