Cryptocurrency Resources

Cryptocurrency resources are vital for any serious investor. I spend hours each day researching and trading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and some other altcoins. I’m not a professional investor so my access to information is critical. Fortunately, I’ve found some great sites providing safe exchange services, crypto reference guides and news reporting services.

Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  • Coinbase – The #1 trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Trades BTC, ETH and LTC.Selected cryptocurrency resources guide - my selected sites and resources.
  • GDAX – Owned by Coinbase. Can sign in using your Coinbase login to trade BTC, ETH and LTC.
  • Binance Offers many altcoins. Binance has built a reputation for being safe and stable.
  • Bittrex – US based, highly regarded. Trades in BTC and many other altcoins.

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Cryptocurrency References and Information

  • CoinTracker – Crypto Tax tracker makes it a breeze to prepare your taxes.
  • Starter’s Guide – A Beginners guide to cryptocurrency.
  • CoinLib – Cryptocurrency market reports and comparisons.
  • OnChainFX – Cryptocurrency assets rankings and metrics for investors.
  • Beginners Guide – Information on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain technology.
  • Coin Desk – A massive collection of crypto reports, information and guides.
  • 99 Bitcoins – Buying and mining guide, along with wallet reviews.
  • Bitcoin Warrior – Bitcoin news and analysis for personal and business.
  • Cryptocurrency Forecast – Short, mid and long-term crypto forecasts.
  • Chart Patterns – A review of chart patterns used in technical analysis.
  • ICO Bench – Initial coin offerings rated by investors and experts.
  • Trading View – Charts for crypto assets. Great resource for active traders.
  • Match Coins – Quickly compare potential of cryptocurrencies based on supply.
  • Crypto Taxes – Generate a capital gains report based on your crypto activities.

Cryptocurrency News Sources

Social Media

  • Lark Davis – Creator of Wealth Mastery has a free Youtube channel.
  • David Hay – Operates a popular Youtube cryptocurrency commentary channel.
  • Crypto for Beginners – A Facebook group for Bitcoins, Ethereum and altcoins.
  • Crypto Bobby – Popular Youtuber “Crypto Bobby” has a Facebook group.
  • Data Dash – Youtube channel data focused on analytics and global trends.

Crytocurrency Influencers

  • Nick Szabo – Computer scientist, believed by many to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Andreas Andronopoulos – Author and speaker, highly regarded crypto expert.
  • Charlie Lee – Software engineer who founded the cryptocurrency Litecoin.
  • John McAfee – Controversial and entertaining, but also influential in the crypto space.
  • Ari Paul – Chief Information Officer of Blocktower Capital.

Just for Fun

  • RIP Bitcoin – Listing of articles declaring “the end” of Bitcoin along with BTC prices at the time of publication.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin dollar cost averaging investment strategyI started out wide-eyed and full of excitement, trying to buy the valleys and sell the peaks. My Bitcoin investment strategy has changed quite a bit over time. Fortunately, the overall upward trend of Bitcoin has been more than forgiving of my early mistakes. These days I’m more of a steady hand in my investment strategy. Grab a cup of coffee while I explain the strategy that seems to work best for me.
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